Structural health monitoring conducted by the Bridge Engineering Center at Iowa State University
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The BEC has been involved in the structural health monitoring of bridges since the early 1990s. Current, active structural health monitoring activities include these locations:

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Left Position
(Max over last minute)
i-80: <106
i-280: <57
i-80: 106-136
i-280: 57-78
i-80: >136
i-280: >78
Not enough Data
Center Position
(Week Max)
i-80: <136
i-280: <78
i-80: 136-166
i-280: 78-99
i-80: >166
i-280: >99
Not enough Data
Right Position
(28 Day Max)
i-80: <166
i-280: <99
i-80: 166-196
i-280: 99-120
i-80: >196
i-280: >120
Not enough Data

Health Monitoring of Bridge Structures and Components Using Smart-Structure Technology

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The Bridge Engineering Center is administered by Iowa State University's Institute for Transportation.

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