Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring System

Research Project


Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring System


Principal investigators: Brent Phares, 515-294-5879, (project list), Iowa State University

Project status

In progress

Start date: 04/15/16
End date: 02/28/18


Sponsor(s): Federal Highway Administration State Planning and Research Funding
Iowa Department of Transportation

Partner(s): Iowa DOT

About the research

Research objective:

Beginning in approximately 2000, the Iowa State University Bridge Engineering Center (through projects funded by the Iowa DOT, the Iowa Highway Research Board, the Federal Highway Administration, and most recently through a pooled fund study) began the development of an autonomous structural health monitoring (SHM) system. The development of this system was centered around the establishment of a monitoring system that could autonomously monitor and report on the condition of bridges. It was specifically desired to have a system that could detect changes in structural performance due to damage, etc., to allow for determination of bridge load rating, and for estimating remaining service life (not yet complete).

As of now, the developed system has been demonstrated on one bridge on I-80 just west of Des Moines, Iowa and one bridge on I-280 just east of the Quad Cities near Milan, Illinois. A third system is scheduled to be installed on Highway 151 north of Dubuque, Iowa in Wisconsin. Also, a portion of the system was installed as part of the reconstruction of the US 65 Bridge over the Iowa River in Iowa Falls, Iowa.

The purpose of this work is to further implement the developed SHM system on an additional I-80 bridge (over Cherry Creek) and to fully implement the system on the Iowa River Bridge.

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