Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams

Research Project


Beam End Repair for Prestressed Concrete Beams


Principal investigators: Behrouz Shafei, (project list), Iowa State University

Co-principal investigators:

Project status

In progress

Start date: 01/01/17
End date: 08/31/18


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation
Iowa Highway Research Board

About the research

Research objective:

Precast prestressed concrete beams (PPCBs) have been a popular and economical choice for bridge superstructures for many years. Unfortunately, where the ends of the beams are subject to contamination from deicing chemicals, there has been accelerated deterioration of the concrete. As this deterioration continues, it eventually compromises the structural capacity of the beam.

This research investigates rehabilitation methods for restoring the full capacity of the beam, extending the service life of the bridge. The outcome would include potential retrofit concepts for typical beam seats at abutments and pier caps.

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